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One of the most popular genre of YouTube videos is travel related content. Creators travel to new countries and document their time there. From daily life to mountain hikes, travel YouTube videos allow viewers to learn about different countries and the experiences available. As South Korean media becomes more popular, so does travel to South Korea. YouTube allows people to learn about the logistics and fun of traveling. Some speak in Korean, others in English, but all provide an insight to life in South Korea for foreigners. The YouTubers we have listed are PoC, people of color, as to provide diversity and promote the essence of the blog. This article is meant to guide those who are interested in traveling and working in South Korea. Hopefully, we help you find some new or favorite videos to inspire you along your journey.

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appeared multiple times on a Korean dating show. Her success on her Youtube channel (ChoNunMigookSaram) has sprung from her bubbly.

We previous wrote a post back in February detailing our top 5 Vlogs. These 5 will not feature on this new list but are still all worth checking out. Here is our list which is in on particular order:. ChoNunMigookSaram otherwise known as Megan Bowen started this channel in December and currently has almost 22, subscribers. The videos are well produced and edited, they also seem well planned and thought out which shows a nice level of professionalism.

The videos benefit from a nice about of personally which keeps them fresh and interesting. Well worth subscribing. Lee started this channel back in July and currently has over 9, subscribers. The videos range is subject from Life in Korea to personal thoughts, feeling and philosophies. ROK On! One thing we love about this Vlog is that there are also posts in Spanish.

Although there are many foreigners living in Korea most including most bloggers and vloggers post in English so giving information to Spanish speakers is great to see. The videos are well planned and edited, and this channel is well worth checking out.

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Which seem interesting? Any Opinions on Her? Posted 16 Jul.

Dip 소개팅 Blind date Korea ep 5. Vote for your favorite dating spot: http://www.​ Visit for your kpop needs Kbeat.

Youtube has emerged as a dynamic medium for cultural interaction and exchange, offering easy access to entertainment around the world. Within these ripe conditions for intercultural exchange, several distinct genres of videos have exploded in popularity. Reaction videos, adventure videos, and review videos have become veritable fixtures of Youtube entertainment. The respective premises of these three genres are fairly straightforward: reaction videos capture people reacting to something they have not experienced before, adventure videos offer viewers a slice of life in a foreign place, and review videos revolve around evaluating products or services.

However, a trend within all three categories indicates more complexity than is immediately discernible. Westerners reacting to Asian music and food are a staple among reaction videos, videos about Asian travels and outings dominate the adventure video category, and reviews of Asian products abound.

Digital media companies like Buzzfeed have been hugely influential on the evolution of Youtube entertainment. Buzzfeed is a Youtube giant that informs the trends of all kinds of smaller channels, and boasts an extensive repertoire of reaction videos. These videos generate interest by shocking American palates with authentic Asian food, with participants expressing simultaneous trepidation and excitement.

This thrilling sense of risk is very deliberately complemented by neoliberal ideals of cultural sensitivity and racial colorblindness. The non-Asian participants make noticeable effort to be make up for their shock and disgust, while Asian-American participants who are noticeably more represented in Asian-themed reaction videos than in comparable reaction videos , offer exaggerated reactions that would seem to dispel any misgivings about the videos have anything to do with race.

Although Buzzfeed attempts to distance its videos from conspicuous racism, given that Asian-themed reaction videos are both published earlier and significantly more popular, it becomes clear that these videos are complicit in a history of orientalism, and at their core exploit racial voyeurism for profit.

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Posts about Korean written by Jenny. personalized homepage was real helpful this week, as it introduced me to the awesome channel ChoNunMigookSaram.

TV Schedule. Sign In. Bapmokja and Haeppy —. Season: 1. Add Image S1, Ep1. In this video, we visited a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam to see how they could fix our faces.

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Seoul is a perfect place to date, probably because there are so many things that couples can do here. Here are the dating spots that Megan a. Also don’t forget to vote for your favorite dating spot!

Megan Bowen is an American living in Korea who vlogs about her experiences. From reality dating show parodies to ‘Koreans React’ videos.

The Korean course for English speakers has been built, alpha tested, and now you can finally beta test it! Thanks to the efforts of another amazing team of contributors, the course is now available on iOS and Android. Join me in thanking the Korean contributors Soedori , niskigwun , Ash-Fred , ferejang , and HyowonKwon , as well as all past contributors and alpha testers for their great work in building this course!

According to the Foreign Service Institute, Korean is classified as one of the most difficult languages for English speakers, along with Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic. Some of the factors that make Korean difficult to learn include its relatively flexible word order which is very different from English , its own unique writing system called Hangul, and the complex honorific systems. Our Duolingo Korean course teaches all of these elements in a fun and effective way.

As mentioned above, Korean uses a writing system called Hangul. Although they look pretty complicated at first glance, Hangul characters are designed very logically and you can learn how to read and write most of them in a matter of days, if not hours. Whether you are into K-POP or not, pop culture is an important aspect of the Korean culture, and we have that covered, too! We have a special set of bonus lessons that teach you Korean Wave a. Hallyu , idols, fans, etc.

There is also another set of lessons dedicated to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. If you are a big sports fan, get yourself prepared for the games by learning how to say words like snowboard, figure skating, and gold medals in Korean!

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Last January, there was a special event in Peru, South America. She now has over , subscribers and a fan club consists of fans who are mainly from Spanish speaking countries. Nardy Santana has a special distinction compares to the other top domestic MCN stars. Nardy independently directs and sorts content. This made her storytelling power special, and resulted in her videos spreading at a faster rate than anticipated.

apparent in the adventure videos of Youtube Channel ChoNunMigookSaram. In her Date In Paradise (DIP) series, Bowen films herself on blind dates with Korean men. Despite claiming to let viewers into her daily life in Korea, Bowen skillfully Bowen is not the first Youtube star to have moved to Korea as an English.

I don’t know quite how to put it. But the universe has just gifted this to you [ Download it at no cost over here. You’ll learn This was how a man survived a near-fatal heart attack, nursed himself back to full health, and never had another incident again! Preparing for my travels to Korea entails lots of research on places to eat, unique local spots, and activities to do. I found that the best way for me was to watch vlogs on Youtube of those who reside in Korea. It was tricky finding the exact location of the cafe since she didn’t have an address in the video.

Of course, I immediately looked it up on google to see if that would help narrow down my search. Unfortunately, it was fruitless because in Korea, shops are constantly changing closing or getting replaced by a different shop. And it seems like this massage cafe was newly opened since not that many people seemed to be aware of it on social media. Luckily for me, I was familiar with the Hongdae Area and was able to figure out the location based on the nearby stores in the video.

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